Your driveway’s appearance produces the first impression for your business or house. A beautiful driveway with curb appeal adds value to your property since it’s the focal point for visitors and passersby. It’s crucial to pay attention to a couple of aspects that relate to both function and design when planning for driveway repair.   

Here are several things to consider when starting your driveway repair project:  

Right Drainage  

If your driveway has poor drainage, it will need more repairs and maintenance. It will also have a shorter lifespan. Keep in mind that the integrity and materials of a driveway are compromised by standing water. These will result in holes and cracks that need immediate driveway repair over time.  

A driveway needs at least a 2% slope, even in flat areas. It will also require at least ¼ inch per foot of crown for right drainage.   

Subgrade Surface Preparation  

In any driveway installation, one crucial component is the subgrade. It is usually the platform for the driveway. Aside from choosing the right materials, the contractor should treat, grade, and compact the subgrade using a soil sterilizer. This will help avoid the growth of vegetation in the future. A professional contractor will assess the whole driveway place for any soft areas.   

Thickness and Width of Asphalt Paving  

In a couple of states, there are extremely specific rules relating to acceptable thickness and width levels of driveways. For instance, in several states, a single-car driveway is required to have at least 8-10 feet of width. On the other hand, a two-car driveway is required to have at least 12 feet. However, for comfortably opening car doors, 20 feet is ideal.  

The thickness of the driveway will depend on the materials used and the conditions of the subgrade. Thus, professionals will recommend you the right ones. You’ve got to ensure that any thickness levels of the asphalt agreed to are of the required compacted thickness before you sign any contract.   

Placement of Driveway Construction  

Helping improve and maintain the natural aesthetics of your landscape is another advantage of working with professional contractors. Existing landscaping, rocks, and trees can be preserved, while your driveway can be designed strategically to adapt to the existing terrain. You can also help avoid cracks and penetration in the future in the asphalt if you keep the driveway some distance from shrubs and trees.   

Hire a Reliable Contractor  

Hiring an expert contractor is vital in any construction or repair projects. You should always be wary of door-to-door contractors since they can be a scammer. If you want to guarantee high-quality results, you have to use a reliable asphalt paving in Plano TX company with stern installation methods, procedures, and specifications.   

You have to confirm that the company has the right liability insurance coverage. Furthermore, you have to choose a company with an excellent reputation in your area. Asking friends and family is a simple way to look for a trusted driveway contractor. You should also obtain at least 3 quotes from different contractors. Usually, you should not go for the cheapest one.