Signs that You Need a New Pet Sitter

Is your dog ignoring its food? Does it want to snuggle too much? If you’re encountering these problems with your pet, then you may not have hired the best pet sitter around. Remember that each pet sitter is different. Here are signs that you failed to hire the best pet sitter in Greeley Colorado.

1. You see your pet drinking water in the toilet.

Some animals tend to drink water from the toilet bowl for no other discernible reason. However, dogs and cats are only forced to do this if they become especially dehydrated or hungry. This is not a good sign at all because your sitter may not be paying attention to the needs of your pet. Check if your pet is colder than usual when you get home. That’s a sign that it may not be given good amounts of water.

2. Your pet doesn’t want to eat their usual food.

It’s okay to give your pets some treats. But if the pet sitter is overindulging your pet with these foods, then the result may be catastrophic. Eventually, your pet will lose its appetite. They won’t like those healthy meals anymore and just settle for treats. If the problem persists, then you may be faced with weight problems on your pets.

3. Your pet is hungrier than normal.

If you feed your dog and they seem to finish their meal faster than they normally would, then it’s an indication that something is wrong. They may be underfed the whole day, so they tend to get ravenous at night. It’s either the pet sitter is spacing the meals so far in between or your pet isn’t given the correct quantity of food. Before you leave, ensure that the pet sitter knows about its feeding schedule to avoid confusion.

4. Your pet is uneasy.

Uneasy dogs tend to bark a lot. If your pet is showing loneliness or anxiety, then it could be a little neglected. Aside from barking, your dog may cry or pant it they see you. Sometimes, they get totally exhausted from doing all of those. This means that the dog is upset the whole time.

5. Your pet is showing bad habits.

It’s difficult to train a dog. But it’s more painful to realize that your pet is developing new bad habits. Peeing anywhere, especially on the couch is not acceptable. While it being accidental is still okay, your pets are not supposed to make it a habit. It could be that the sitter isn’t giving your pets adequate time outdoors.

6. Your pet is extra clingy.

Most pets need more than basic care and sustenance to survive. They also have to be stimulated and loved. If you go home and your pet is suddenly extra clingy, that means that it’s not given much attention or stimulation from the pet sitter. It is now turning on you to do so. Any changes in the behavior of your pet are worth checking out. As the pet owner, you’re expected to be on top of all the affairs concerning your pet.